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Prescribed Burns- Who, What, When and How

All your questions and concerns answered.
Thursday Nov. 14, 5:30- 7:00

Agencies to present and answer questions:
Florida Forest Service
Florida Park Service
South Walton Fire District
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Atlanta Botanical Garden Organization
Walton County Emergency Management

Eden State Garden Pavilion- entrance fee waived for meeting 

South Walton is a community of State Parks and Forest. Prescribed burns are a part of the ecosystems of these Conservation Lands. Here is your opportunity to become informed on prescribed burns and any other issue concerning South Walton State Parks and Forest.

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Cypress Lake update

Cypress Lake update June 2019

 Cypress Lake Update

The Appeal to Cypress Lake filed June 4 with First District Court of Appeal.  

The basis for the appeal is Heine v Lee County. The judge in this case ruled that plaintiffs could only bring complaints that dealt with intensity, density and use. Challenges to any other Comprehensive plan issue such as buffers and setbacks are not considered. This is in error. Our appeal has state wide implications for citizens and organizations that want to keep development in compliance with all requirements of the Comprehensive plan. 1000 Friends of Florida and American Association of Planners, Florida Chapter will submit briefs in support of our appeal.

Cypress Lakeis located on the west end of 30A, across from Emerald Walk (Flamingo Village). It borders Topsail Preserve on two sides.

This isa landmark case for the State of Florida and citizens’ rights to redress local governments on land use issues. 

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Cypress Lake Update

Beach to Bay Connection Inc. and South Walton Community Council filed a lawsuit against Walton County and Ashwood Development on January 10, 2018.  Both are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, thus all donations are tax deductible. 

Beach to Bay Connection Inc. is involved due to the failure of the PUD to provide minimum buffer requirements adjacent to Topsail Preserve’s east and southern borders. The density and intensity of the development will adversely impact Topsail Preserve, one of Florida’s most environmentally biodiverse and sensitive ecosystems.


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Basis of the Lawsuit: Inconsistencies of the Cypress Lake PUD Development order with Walton Counties Comprehensive plan

PUDs are supposed to promote innovative planning and are allowed deviations to the land development code based on benefits to the public; they must be compatible with the surrounding area. The Cypress Lake PUD does not promote innovative planning, has no public benefits, and is not compatible with the densities and intensities of existing development and environmental conditions in the surrounding areas. It exceeds the maximum density and intensity standards allowed for a mixed-use project on Neighborhood Infill land.

Walton County approved 125 single-family and duplex townhomes 16 residential condominium units and 53,000 square feet of office restaurant and commercial use on 22.36 acres. 

Mixed-use developments are supposed to calculate density and intensity based on the proportion of the land used for each purpose, residential or nonresidential uses. The developer has calculated residential density using 100% of the 22.36 acres as residential development. It also uses 100% of the acreage to calculate intensity, the commercial part. This is “double dipping” the land use, using it twice for calculating land use.

The real density is 12.98 units per acre. The proportion of residential land use for Cypress Lake is 9.63 acres of the total 22.36 acres, therefore the project density is 12.98 units per acre, not the 6.3 units calculated by the developer. Neighborhood infill land use category allows for 8 units per acre thus Cypress Lake exceeds residential density.

The Project is inconsistent with the much lower density developments to the east and south, and Topsail Preserve to the west and north. Estimating from county maps nearby neighborhoods are much less dense, Beachview Heights appears to be about 2 units per acre, Flamingo Village/Emerald Walk 3 units per acre, and Cypress Dunes 6 units per acre. Cypress lake at 12. 98 units per acre, and commercial, is incompatible.

Cypress Lake PUD Fails to Provide the Required CR 30A Scenic Corridor Setback

Not only does the developer fail to provide the required 20-foot scenic corridor set back they locate 80 parking spaces and turn lanes within this area. 

Cypress Lake PUD Buffers incorrect and does not provide residential sidewalks.

Cypress Lake PUD has 10 foot buffers. The buffers should be 25 feet on the North and West where it abuts Topsail Preserve. They should be 20 feet on the east and south where it abuts low-density single family residences.

Neighborhood Infill parcels within the CR 30A Scenic Corridor are supposed to have sidewalks on both sides of residential streets, Cypress Lake does not have this.

Additionally, the county failed to advertise, process and review the Cypress Lake PUD correctly.

Thank you for your support

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Let the State Parks and Forest lands in South Walton be what they were acquired for, conservation and passive recreation! These lands are for the use and enjoyment of the public, AS LONG AS THE USE DOES NOT DIMINISH THE RESOURCE.


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